Pre-Planning Funeral Services

Pre-Planning your own funeral offers great peace of mind, as it means that the family have less difficult decisions to make during a deeply emotional time in their lives. There are a number of pre-planned services available which you can select. This enables you to be very clear about the specific type of funeral you want or just to have the peace of mind that the fundamental decisions are covered, leaving the final ones to your family members at the time.

At Keller’s we have identified what we feel are the best financial packages available. You may also if you wish, leave your final instructions to us and allow your family members or solicitor settle affairs later.

The Packages We Offer Are:

Payment with Credit Union Account

We can set up a joint account with the Nenagh Credit Union, which can be accessed after the funeral to pay expenses. This allows you to put away a sufficient amount to cover current prices and allows you the comfort of covering any future increase with the Death Benefit Insurance (The minimum benefit offered is €1,300 in the Republic of Ireland)

An Post Funeral Plan

Please contact Keller’s Funeral Directors to discuss.

Although these packages are all different, each one is specifically tailored towards your different needs and offers the same peace of mind to you and your family.

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