Medical Liaison

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Medical Liaison

When your loved one passes away, Keller’s can liaise with the hospital, nursing home, hospice or GP as appropriate on your behalf. When we have medical clearance and the family’s permission to do so, we will remove the deceased from the place of death into our care.

It is the responsibility of the next-of-kin to register the death within 90 days of death taking place. For more information on registering a death click here.

What To Do:

If A Person Passes Away At Home2018-04-26T17:10:23+00:00

If the passing of your loved one was expected the deceased will have been attended to by their GP recently. The initial call should be made to this doctor who will be required to visit the home to confirm that death has occurred.

If calling the GP out-of-hours you may be directed to Shannondoc. The Shannondoc will visit the home to confirm death has occurred. Your GP will then be contacted the following morning and advised that death has occurred by Shannondoc. Once death has occured Kellers can be contacted before or after the doctor visit to put arrangements in place.

If the death is unexpected the first call should be made to the deceased’s GP who attended during their most recent illness. The GP may advise the family to contact their nearest Garda Station as the Gardai may wish to refer the death to the Coroner (see section on sudden deaths below).

For any death at home the family may also wish to contact a their Priest or Rector.

If A Person Has Passed Away In A Hospital Or Nursing Home2018-04-26T17:08:06+00:00

Normally a doctor will be in attendance or called by the nursing team to confirm that death has occurred. The doctor or hospital staff will advise the family if a post mortem examination will be required (see below), but in most cases this will not be necessary and you should contact Kellers on 067 31395 or 087 2535519  to make funeral arrangements.

If A Person Dies Suddenly2018-04-26T17:11:24+00:00

Sudden deaths, wherever they occur, should be reported to An Garda Siochána, who will in turn will refer the death to The Coroner, who having assessed the facts surrounding the death, may issue instructions for a post-mortem examination (or autopsy) to take place. This is an examination carried out by a pathologist to establish the medical cause of death. When an autopsy is required there will normally be a delay of 1 to 2 days (or longer if death occurs at a weekend or bank holiday) before proceeding with funeral arrangements.

When the death has been reported you should contact Kellers to make funeral arrangements.

In the case of cremation we will arrange for the completion of the Medical Certificate required by the crematorium.

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