An important early decision you need to make is whether your loved one is to be buried or cremated.


If you choose burial you will either need to re-open an existing grave or purchase a new grave. Family graves can usually accommodate two adult burials, depending on the cemetery.

When purchasing a new grave many cemeteries offer a choice of locations and prices, in which case we will arrange for the family to visit the cemetery to select a grave.

New graves are available for purchase in most cemeteries, we can provide further information on consultation.

Whether you are purchasing a new grave or opening an existing one there will be an opening fee, of which our staff will advise you when making funeral arrangements.


Cremation is an alternative to burial when someone dies. The most widely chosen option in Ireland is still burial of a loved one, although cremation is definitely on the increase with the proximity to Shannon Crematorium. There is no real cost difference between burial and cremation.
There is a choice of crematoria in Ireland, anyone may arrange for a cremation to take place in any of the following crematoria.

There is documentation to be completed before a cremation can take place – we will explain and arrange all of this for you.

Locations of crematoria:

Each location has chapels where a cremation service can be held. The service is either a short committal service or a full service.

Similar to burials, it is usual to hold an appropriate service in your local church or place of worship. The coffin is then removed to the chapel in the crematorium grounds, where a short committal service takes place (similar to that at the graveside). The mourners take their seats in the chapel. The coffin is then brought into the chapel and the service begins. At the end of the service, the coffin is moved into the committal room and the mourners leave. Families may supply CD’s with their own preference of music to be played in the crematorium chapel

Ashes are usually available 3 to 4 days after the cremation service.

Cremated remains may also be sent to us for committal in a family grave or for scattering in any part of Ireland. This may be of interest to those families who have suffered a loss in another country and would like to return their loved one to Ireland. We also enhance this service with a Headstone inscription and graveside service. Please contact Keller’s if further information is desired.

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